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What is pathogenics..

What is pathogenics..

What is pathogenics..


Pathogenics is a broad term use to describe substance, toxin, bacteria, virus, heavy metals and in some cases conditions which can affect our over all good health and balance. 

Pathogens can cause a wide range of issues such as headaches, fatigue, night sweats, stiff neck, stomach and digestive disorders as well as chronic aches/pains, eczema and other skin disorders to name a few.  Pathogens can present in acute ways which will typically send us to the Doctor, as they should.  Pathogens can also be in a suppressed state where you experience only a remnant watered down affect.  This watered down subtle feeling of dis-ease from the pathogens is sometimes harder to detect and test for.  With pathogenics we test for pathogenic frequency and energetically neutralize it,  ultimately clearing symptoms and helping ease the body's pathogenic load.

The caveat is that if you have been unwell for a long time with many low level symptoms you may have many layers to get through to fully get back to your old self.  Our work is meant to support your mainstream care and not replace it.

How does it work...

What is pathogenics..

What is pathogenics..

Tooth pain can be caused by pathogens.

Simply put everything is energy and has it's own unique energy signature.  Using the principals of quantum physics combined with an approach similar to Reiki with a focus on pathogens as in  clinical homeopathy, we are able to detect frequency signatures of pathogens invading or affecting your body.  These pathogens can create chronic illness, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, autoimmune disorders, muscle aches and pains and a whole lot more.

We use energy healing to help neutralize those pathogenic signatures.  Although the system can have many layers of pathogens we aim to work with the current symptoms you have as priority.  We want you to see improvements and by following the symptoms we follow how the body is unwinding itself.  As to the pathogens themselves we are not sure where they go, as we are working with energy.  What we hope to achieve is an improvement in the symptoms.  You will still need to follow up with your regular medical professionals and we are in no way a replacement for that.  What we do, is aimed to enhance your care and hopefully make you more comfortable.  We have heard reports from some of our clients that the shifts are showing up in their medical tests, as told in some of our client testimonials.  We hope to share more in regards to this as more information becomes available.

Our Story....

What is pathogenics..

Booking Packages and Prices...

Cherise Jacques Pathogen Whisperer

Cherise Jacques is a Registered Manual Osteopath,  Reiki energy healer, Registered yoga instructor and Remote Pathogenics practitioner.  She acquired her training for Pathogenics in the UK and is part of the Guild of Pathogen Whisperers.

Cherise heard about this work from a friend and was interested to try it out for herself.  As it turned out a chronic hypo thyroid condition for which she was on daily medication was eradicated through working with pathogens energetically in this manner.  She is now off those meds and her tests are all coming back normal now.  The success Cherise experienced not only with this but many other things is what inspired her to take time away from her busy Manual Osteopathic practice to include this very important work.

Cherise recognizes the importance of regular mainstream care and in no way does this replace that.  She believes there is a place for energy healing and the positive shifts it can bring about.

Our remote pathogenics office is in BC, Canada and our hours are reflected in PST.  Since our work is done remotely however we can help you from anywhere in the world.  Canadian time zones and currency will apply.  

Booking Packages and Prices...

Booking Packages and Prices...

Booking Packages and Prices...

Get help with your cold or flu over the phone or via text.

All of our work is done remotely!  We will call you at our schedule time and you don't need to leave the comfort of your home.


Option 1 - Regular price $220

Initial consult package Top 200 pathogens includes 5 free pathogen clearings along with our initial assessment and results from testing you for the top 200 pathogens.

Option 2 - Regular price $270

Initial consult package Top 350 pathogens includes 5 free pathogen clearings along with our initial assessment and results from testing you for the top 350 pathogens.

Option 3 - Regular price $320

Initial consult package Top 500 pathogens includes 5 free pathogen clearings along with our initial assessment and results from testing you for the top 500 pathogens.


Option 4 -  Premium Pack - Regular price $500

Initial consult package Top 1000 pathogen assessment includes 10 free clearings along with your assessment report results for what you have tested positive for in the 1000 pathogen assessment.

Initial Consult Only. No clearings included.  (This is price for the assessment report only and does not include any clearings)

200 pathogens - $150

350 pathogens $200

500 pathogens - $250

1000 pathogens - $350

Once you have done an initial consult you may purchase individual pathogen clearings. 

Price per pathogen strain $40

Package of 10 $350

All above pricing will have GST added at the point of purchase.  Payment can be made through E-Transfer but we have credit card payment available  as well.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Booking Packages and Prices...

Frequently Asked Questions...

Clear pathogens remotely.


What to expect from my session?  Once you book your session,  we send you a link to complete your intake form. Then we will complete either a 200, 350, 500 or 1000 pathogen assessment prior to our meeting depending upon which package you choose.  We will then call you at the appointment time ,review your intake form and speak to you further about your health concerns.  

We will then share with you our findings and decide on a plan of action.  The initial packages all come with 5 included clearings.  There will be no additional charge for these 5 clearings but you will need to book 4 follow up 20 minute appointments as we will only do one during your first session.  Any additional new strains that need to be cleared will be charged as we go.  It is up to you how many you would like to clear.

How much will it cost?

Each new strain is considered a new pathogen however we clear repeat strains for free up to one year or else provide you with a method to self clear as per our discretion.  The number of pathogens each person has can be quite different so the length of time and cost will vary from person to person.  It is important to note that as strains clear new layers can be seen and the initial number of pathogens we assess is not always as indicator of how many we will need to clear to get the desired results.

Real LifeTestimonials...

Booking Packages and Prices...

Frequently Asked Questions...

Get excited to feel better.

Tell Us What you Loved!

We love to hear your success stories.  Please submit them to us at hello@pathogenics.ca

Cherise has helped me by clearing pathogens, she has been working at clearing pathogens causing my cough and sinus as well as hashimotos symptoms.  I am 71 and so my health concerns have been in the making for a long time.  

She has cleared lichens, blepharitis, and also for a bladder infection.  Early Fall, I went on a trip and had a lot of burning during urinating. As soon as I returned I had Cherise help and it was a miracle.It was gone and has not returned.  Both the blepharitis and lichens caused ongoing itchiness and it was great to have them gone.

Definately I recommend her for the help and support in clearing the pathogens contributing to my health issues.

N. Sutton

I was so very very sick with Lyme disease,the Doctors did not know how to help me. I could barely move with out peeing myself and the constant nerve pain was debilitating. Cherise was able to irradicate urinary infections, herpes, my chronic cough, Lyme disease and improve my energy and so much more. Today, 6 months later, I am feeling wellness and a sense of joy and happiness.  Recent blood test showed that I have very little Lyme left.    I am continuing on my path to wellness and am very grateful each and every day for the healing that I am experiencing with the Pathogenic work and loving care from Cherise.  Cherise is amazing and accurate in her abilities. 


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